Sell Homes Faster and for higher sale prices.

• Family Rooms
• Living Rooms
• Dining Rooms
• Bed Rooms
• Kitchens
• Patios

Presenting your home the right way can make for a faster sale and a help obtain higher price offers. We work with real estate professionals as well interior designers to make your home look beautiful and appealing by accentuating your home's qualities.

• Deaccessorize, Declutter, Depersonalize, Organize room/area, take knickknacks off tables, books from shelves, pictures from walls, pillows off furniture.

• Remove everything that is not necessary or aesthetically appealing.

• Arrange/Rearrange remaining furniture so it looks best from the doorway of the room, making a good impression from the vantage point.

• Reaccessorize the room with items from other rooms in the house.

• Balance soft and hard surfaces, mixing "stuffed" furniture with "stick" furniture.